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A bad night's sleep totally destroys you?

You used to function better on little sleep.

You recover much slower from exercise and injury?

You used to be able to push yourself to the max and still be fresh the next day.

A few drinks ruin the next day?

The times of party hard work hard have passed.

Help your body stay young

Personalized longevity supplement plans for you


Your plan is based on the latest science and we are transparent about their limitations.


Your situation changes. You take a nutritional blood test. The science changes. Your plan adapts.


You get a package each month. We choose the best suppliers and bundle all the products for you.

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How it works

You want to improve your healthspan & longevity

You want to support your lifestyle with an optimal supplement plan.

You are a busy person and no time to dive into longevity research yourself.

Confusion about what supplements are actually worth it and where to get them is holding you back.

Set up your Beyond Age account

Sign up and answer our longevity questionnaire.

Choose a supplement plan. Either a basic plan for minimalists, or an adaptive plan, continuously tailored to you.

Optionally, choose your testing regime, a nutritional blood test to discover any deficiencies and an optional epigenetic test to track your biological age and the impact of your lifestyle changes.

Based on your questionnaire, we will create a monthly supplement plan and personalized recommendations for you.

Get a supplement plan tailored to you

You will get a box each month with all your supplements & lifestyle advice.

Your supplement plan consist of multiple protocols, each containing one or more compounds to achieve a specific goal.

Our protocols and compounds are all based on scientific research. Learn more

Take small steps and implement some lifestyle improvements.

Your supplement regime adapts

Based on your situation and optional test results, we will make changes to your supplement regime.

Our protocols and compounds evolve with the latest science.

Priceless convenience

A Beyond Age subscription can save you money, and more importantly, time.

Enjoy peace of mind while you get a monthly box with everything you need. Supplements tailored to your situation and personalized recommendations on improving your health, well-being, and longevity.

Monthly breakdown

Do it yourself
Beyond Age
Multivitamin & Mineral
CHF 24
Omega 3
CHF 87
(Online, international)
CHF 79
(Online, international)
CHF 39
(Online, national)
CHF 11
(Online, national)
CHF 23
CHF 32
Surprise invoice from customs
CHF 17
Wasted time
Trip to the pharmacy
20 min
All online orders
25 min
Two customs payments
15 min
Reading publications (2h/week)
8 hours
Exchange with peers and experts
2 hours
Montly total
CHF 319
+11 hours
From CHF 186
+0 min
Enjoy your priceless convenience

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As a team, we want to help you on your longevity journey. Personally, we all have our own reasons to maximize our healthspan. Read more