The company

We are a startup based in Zurich, Switzerland. Our goal is to enable ordinary people to expand their healthspan in order to enjoy an active and fulfilling life. All our recommendations are based on the latest science and we have personally tested every product we recommend. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Meet the Founders

Sascha Trifunovic

Sascha Trifunovic, PhD

When I married my wife, I told her I wanted to stay by her side until we are both 200 years old. She took it as a romantic joke, but I was dead serious. I am too eager to see the world in 2183 to let age stop me from getting there.

With a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, I have a solid background in science. My biggest passion, however, is nutrition and exercise. Since I geek out in everything I do, I've always enjoyed reading research papers about optimal health and fitness in my spare time. Now I want to use all that knowledge to help you on your longevity journey.

Philippe Snozzi

Philippe Snozzi, MD

I am an aesthetic physician and renowned international expert in the field of minimally invasive aesthetic treatments. However, having had a background in internal medicine before immersing into the field of aesthetics, my passion for understanding the science of aging has never been limited to our exterior.

With Sascha I found the perfect counterpart in sharing the passion for longevity and designing services together that we would have used primarily for ourselves if available. It is also my desire to provide small contributions to shift our healthcare system to become something that is more worth its name – namely, being real “health care” instead of “disease management”.

Melanie Huser

Melanie Huser, MD

Do I want to live forever? No. Do I wish to accompany my children in most of their upcoming adventures, including becoming parents themselves? Or even grandparents? Hell yes!

As a medical doctor, a business consultant, and a mother of two, I use my broad medical and strategic knowledge to ensure that Beyond Age is the best longevity consultancy you could wish for. And even when things get dicey, I keep cool - a skill that working in the ER and ambulance services taught me.

Our Story

It all started with our journey to optimize our own health and fitness. We learned and applied everything we could about nutrition, exercise, sleep, and lifestyle. When looking into supplements to help us improve our healthspan we were mind-boggled by the difficulty to find the right products.

We wanted simple products. Products that are honest about what compounds can and cannot do. Products that keep up with the latest science and adapts the ingredients accordingly. And ultimately, a personalized plan that saves us the trouble of keeping track of what supplements we need to order, when and where. We could not find one. So we created Beyond Age. For us. And now we share it with you.