I heard taking NMN and Resveratrol makes your body young again. Doesn't NMN cause cancer? Maybe you should take NR instead? Isn't taking Resveratrol controversial? All you really need is Quercetin. Professor X is taking Fisetin; should I too? The more fish oil, the better! Is taking multivitamins actually bad for you?


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Beware of hype and conflicts of interests

Many start their longevity journey with the book Lifespan by David Sinclair. In it, he promotes two anti-aging supplements called NMN and Resveratrol. As such, these two substances are by far the most popular supplements in the longevity community. However, Resveratrol has been extensively studied in the last two decades and scientists have not been able to reproduce the initial positive results that came out of Prof. Sinclair's lab. Resveratrol at the commonly sold doses can possibly do more harm than good.

While the scientific community regards anti-aging claims of Resveratrol as debunked, prominent figures in the longevity community still promote Resveratrol as an anti-aging supplement. Most of them have conflicts of interest.

Don't listen to fearmongers

You might have heard that NMN causes cancer or that taking multivitamins is actually harmful. Stoking fear makes for good headlines. However, headlines are not data. While it is good to be cautious, we should not be intimidated by headlines and always read the actual studies to decide what supplements are helpful or dangerous.

Boosting NAD+ improves the health of a cell, including a cancer cell. However, this does not imply that taking an NAD+ boosting supplement such as NMN causes cancer. Boosting NAD+ also aids in cellular repair and can thus prevent cancer. The definite long-term jury is still out but the current consensus is that it is more likely to help. An NAD+ boosting supplement has been shown to reduce skin cancer lesions in humans.


NMN and NR are both precursors to NAD+. NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme central to cellular metabolism. It plays a crucial role in energy production, as well as in regulating cell repair mechanisms. NAD+ is a large molecule that cannot enter the cell directly. For this reason, we need to take precursor supplements to boost NAD+ indirectly.

NR and NMN have both been shown to boost intracellular NAD+. However, it is unclear if NMN can actually enter the cell or if it needs to be converted to NR first. All in all, many more human studies have used NR as opposed to NMN, so there is more data regarding NR.

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